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As promised here is some more information on what BMI is. BMI is short for body max index. It is a calculated number that is used as a screening tool to identify possibilities of a weight problem.

BMI is NOT a diagnostic tool. It is a very small part of figuring out if there is a weight problem. BMI is a popular way to measure body fatness because it’s one of the less expensive way and just about anyone could do it. You don’t even need the “Health O Meter-The Doctor Scale”  to tell you.  All you have to do is take your weight(lb)/[height (in)(squared)] x 703. For example lets say your weight is 150lbs and your height is 5’5″. You take [150 / (65)squared] x 703 and that equals 24.96.

You ask is 24.96 good? A standard weight status for adults (anyone above 20) is:

BMI                     Weight Status 

under 18.5           Underweight

18.5 – 24.9                  Normal

25.0-29.9                Overweight

20.00 – Above          Obese

So the answer is it would be normal, but barely. BMI is a pretty reliable way to give you an insight if there is a weight problem. The formula and chart I told you today is only for adults above 20. There is a whole different way to calculate for children. They consider the sex, weight, and height. 

Want  more information about body max index? Here is a great link…


It was that time of the week. My weigh in day. I didn’t work out at all this week. Every time I had said I was going to work out something always came up. I need just to get up and do it first thing in the mornings. Mornings are always the busiest time for me. Seeing Bryson off to school, seeing hubby off to work, feeding Carly that by the time I think about it something else is going on. When do you work out? What time of the day to find is best? Well, I need to just get it over with. I stepped on the scale and this is what it told me….

My weight last week was 288.  Here are my stats

Weight: 284.6 (down -3.4)

BMI: 48.6

Body Fat Percent: 61.7%

Hydration: 27.9%

My daily calorie intake: 2523

I should reach my goal in 85 weeks.

I want to lose 80 pounds by May. My ultimate goal is to lose 138 pounds. Although I didn’t lose the 5 I wanted too, I lost 3.4. That’s better than nothing!   Lets see if I can lose the 5 pounds this week and workout 3 times this week? What are your goals for the week?