That time of the week again. The dark dreary day I call Weigh In day. I feel a little bit better this week, since I did exercise twice this week. All though my exercise wasn’t as long as they should be.  I hate exercising.

Here is what the scale told me this week :

Weight- 282 (down 2.6pds)

BMI- 48.1 (down .5) (yeah!!)

Body Fat- 64.2 (up 2.7 -not sure why)


Calorie Intake- 2508

Week- 82

Most things I was down in. So that’s great. Every pound counts! My goal for next week is still to exercise three times a day for twenty minutes. I want to lose 5 pounds.  I am also going to do some research about why my weight was down from last week but my body fat was up. Doesn’t make sense to me.

My question for you guys is what do you do to workout? How do you make it fun?