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By now you guys know that my husband is a coach and we are always on the go. I usually bring my own drinks and snacks to the game. It’s a lot cheaper that way. There were always one problem. By the time it got towards the end of the game the drinks were getting hot and stuff were melting. I didn’t want to bring a bulky cooler to the games, so I just dealt with it. Finally I found something that works great for games and quick trips to town.(I live 30 miles away from a Wal-Mart)

What is it you ask? Thirty-One carries a thermal tote. It’s a small bag that has the lining you need to keep things cool. I love it. It works great. It’s small but convenient. I don’t have to worry about carrying around this big thing along with handling the kids and all their stuff. Plus, it keeps are drinks cool for the whole game or drive.

Right now they are doing a special promotion called “Thirty-One Gives”. It’s about empowering women, strengthening families, and changing lives. Here is what they say: “we believe in her-women and girls. We embrace her inner beauty and celebrate her natural gifts. It is our mission to celebrate and empower her, helping to strengthen her belief in herself, strengthen her family and lead a purposeful, thriving life.”  In other words encouraging you to be you!!

In honor of this promotion my sponsor, Kim Rumback,  is giving away a URU Thermal Tote. It isn’t the same color as the one in the picture, but it’s the same size. The URU Thermal Tote is mainly pink with a white floral pattern.


Thirty-One offers several things outside the thermal tote: cosmetic bags, thermal picnic bags, wallets, and a verity of tote bags.  They even offer monogramming. Want more information? You can check out our sponsor site at :

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Knot Genie Review

Set still. Stop wiggling. It hurt’s. No mom. These are all words we say or hear when dealing with our kids hair. You know the fight I am talking about. How they scream and cry because they don’t want you to fix their hair. You are getting upset because a process that should take a minute is taking forever. I discovered the best solution for that problem! Knot Genie. What’s Knot Genie you ask?

It’s exactly what it says. It’s something that works magic on those knots. The Knot Genie works great because of the different lengths of the teeth on the brush. When you are brushing,  the teeth bend just right to untangle the hair and get those nasty knots out.

My hair is long, thick, and curly. I hate brushing my hair after showers. It’s the worst mess every. I was very impressed with how quick and easy it was to brush my hair with the Knot Genie. It went through my hair like nothing. I had my doubts when I opened the box, because it looked nothing like the typical brush. But trust me it works great! I would suggest any mom that has had this battle with their kid or themselves to get one.

You can buy one for yourself or find more information about the Knot Genie at:

I am going down this dark scary road called weight loss. We all have been there at some point in our life. It’s no fun, but needed. What’s the one thing that you need to do this? A good scale! I found one that I love. It’s my record keeping buddy. What do I mean by that? This scale does a lot more than a “typical” scale. What’s the name of this magical scale you ask; it’s the Health O Meter: The Doctor’s Scale.

It keeps records for up to four different users and stores their last five weigh-ins. You can also tell it weight your weight loss goal is. The scale keeps track of your weight and body fat percentage for the last five weigh-ins. At each weigh-in it will tell you your BMI, Hydration Level, Body Fat Percentage, you Daily Calorie Intake and how many weeks it would take you to lose the weight healthy. Having it in Athlete mode will account for the muscle mass when figuring out these details.  Knowing all these details about your body will help you in your weight loss journey, and having the scale takes all the hard work out for you. Well at least for knowing where you are at in your journey. You still got to do the no fun part of it: eating healthy and exercising. But you can do it!

Outside of it telling you all these factors it also looks stylish. It has a tempered glass platform that will hold up to 400 pounds. Although it doesn’t look that sturdy believe me it is! I was very surprised at how sturdy it felt to me.   The display is large enough and bright enough that it makes it really easy to you.

I would recommend anybody that is going down their own weight loss journey to get this scale. It will help you out a lot.

Want to know why knowing your BMI, Body Fat, Hydration Level, and why it’s good to have a daily caloric intake is a good idea keep an eye out for upcoming posts. I will tell you each week what this magical scale tells me!

Dr. Doormat

I live in a town were there are dirt roads everywhere. Only one paved road in town and that’s in the center of the town. 90% of my house is hardwood floors. I catch myself sweeping at least once a day because of all the dirt that comes in on our shoes. Every time I do it I think what a waste of time it is, because I will be just doing it again tomorrow. I never thought there would be an end to the everyday sweeping, but there was a solution. Dr. Doormat was my answer.             You think a doormat couldn’t stop that. Trust me it does and much more.

            Have you ever set down and thought about all the microorganisms that you bring in on your shoes? You bring in: allergens, lead, pesticides, dust mites, mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew into your home. Dr. Doormat helps block and limits these coming in your home. The Dr. Doormat will help you destroy them. Dr. Doormat has proven an 83% reduction in fungus and 70% reduction in bacteria.

          Here is how it works: “The antimicrobial treatment is like a microscopic layer of swords and spikes acting as a barrier upon the surface of the entire doormat. Microbes are negatively charged individual single cell living organisms. The treated surface of Dr. Doormat is positively charged pulling the negatively charged microbe down upon its sword like a magnet, piercing the cell membrane and destroying the invading microorganism on contact. springboard for the microbes and pollutants to contaminate the soles of your shoes and transport all of the pollutants into your home.” (

Who would have thought that all this comes from a doormat? Not me, but I love it! Don’t just take my word about it. Go look for yourself! Bellow is some important links about Dr. Doormat where you can go find out more information about Dr. Doormat.





A Must Have

          Close your eyes for a minute and imagine this:  you are in a doctor’s office and you have a four-year-old, a three-year-old, and a three-month-old. You have already been waiting for 45 minutes past the time of your doctor’s appointment and from the look of the waiting room you are not going to get in anytime soon. The four-year-old is wanting to run around everywhere, the three-year-old is talking loudly trying to get everyone’s attention, and the three-month-old is crying, wanting to be fed. Now open your eyes. What was the first word that came to your mind? For me it was STRESS! Well I have solution for you…Leapster Explorer!!!
The Leapster Explorer is a hand-held video game system for children.  The game includes a stylus for various activities and can be played with cartridge-loaded games or those downloaded directly to the Leapster Explorer from the internet.  No game for this system is purely a “game,” as each one is educational as well as fun for children.  Children can play games which help to improve skills in reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, science, etc.
             My son got one of these from his Nana and I think these are a must have! Everything about them is great. I don’t even know where to start. Because these are small, they are convenient for on-the-go activities. There is a port for headphones so the kids can listen to the game and not disturb those around them.  Those two features alone make it perfect for keeping the kids entertained at doctor’s offices, games, restaurants, grocery shopping, and in the vehicle on long trips. In addition to keeping the kids entertained with educational games, the Leapster Explorer will also read books aloud.  These are available for download from the internet as well.
My son loves his game so much that we cannot leave the house without it (and I don’t want to). I am very impressed with the Leapster Explorer. During the first week of playing his game my son began to talk about syllables in a word. Impressive for a four-year old! Leapster Explorer is a must have for every household with young children. I believe this so much that for my daughter’s third birthday, we went out and bought her one. Final thought:  kids love it and mom approves. You can’t go wrong with that!

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