Welcome! Glad you stop by. My name is Jacqui Odell.

My 3 Babies

I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful children. Bryson will be 5 on January 24. He starts kindergarten in August. So hard to believe sometimes. Zoey is 3. She is my little dancer. She loves to dance. This is her first year in tumbling and she loves it.  In August she will start her first year in Preschool. Carly was born on July 29. She is my all smiles baby. All you have to do is look at her and she will

Sadie Girl


I have been married for eight years on May 29. My husband is a PE Teacher  and Athletic Director for the local school. Not only does he teach PE, but he also coaches. He coaches football, basketball, track, baseball and weightlifting. That alone keeps me busy going to games and meets. Every week we have something.

Hubby & Me

While keeping up with my kids and my husband life I am


trying to lose 130 pounds! It’s hard and I doubt myself many times. I know though if I want to be there for my kids in the future I must also take care of myself.


Being a mom and a wife you have to play so many roles. I got this off a Facebook post, but it’s the best way to describe what I am saying… You’re just a mom?? Uhh Yes ,I AM A MOM!!! That makes me an alarm clock, cook, maid, waitress, teacher, nurse, handyman, security officer, photographer, counselor, chauffeur, event planner, personal assistant, ATM and I scare away the boogie man.I don’t get Holidays,sick pay or days off!! I work through the DAY n NIGHT!!! I am on call 24/7 for the rest of my life.And that’s just my First


JOB…..Being A MOM!!!! I may not be anything to you but I am EVERYTHING to someone!!

Being a mom is sometimes hard and overwhelming but I love it. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. It’s who I am!