Today was a gloomy day for me.  I did my weekly weigh in and it wasn’t good at all. Not even close. I debated on not doing my weekly post but felt I needed to be honest.  Here is what my evil scale told me today:

Weight: 294 (gained 12pds)

Body Fat: 59.9 (up 11.8)

Hydration: 29.2 (up 3.1)

BMI: 50.1 (up 2)

Calorie Goal: 2576

Weeks to reach goal: 94

As you can see everything was up. I can’t believe I gained 12pounds in 1 week.  We did spend the weekend away, so we eat out a lot. But I honestly thought I was doing okay. Defiantly need to eat out less. This week will be better. I start the 21 day Mommy Blogger Weight loss challenge today.  Want to know more about it? Keep an eye out for future posts.

My goals for this week:

loose 5 pounds

exercise 4 days (3o mins long)

drink  6 glasses of water

What’s your goals for this week? How are you doing?