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Good afternoon everyone!! If you have been following me you know that I am going down the path of weight-loss. I have started the 21 day mommy blogger challenge with Dustin Maher. It is a great program. I am still in the starter stage of it, but I have high hopes for it. I have started reading his book “A Fit Moms For Life.” The challenge was suppose to start yesterday, but I didn’t jump on it like I should. Along with my weekly weigh in’s that I do on Wednesdays I will tell you how my week went with the challenge. Dustin Maher has a great site that would be good for anyone to check out. It’s You do not have to be a mommy blogger to try his program. It’s great for anyone out there.  Here is my before picture …

At the end of the challenge I will post a picture of me. There are several other mommy bloggers that are doing this challenge and I wish all of them good luck!!


Sleep…What Sleep?

I have told my husband many times that my favorite time of the day is the time I get to just lay down in my bed. Sometimes on those run run busy days it seems like the only time that I get to breath.  It’s the only time that it’s just me and the bed…and my husband. My husband, oh how I love him so. Except for those many restless nights he has; thus making my night restless. He has a genetic back disorder and on top of that has played football from Junior High School clear to College. He suffered many back injuries. We have been to several doctors and many, I mean many Chiropractor visits. So put it simply he has horrible back problems. Six out of seven nights he ends up on the couch or in the recliner.  I don’t know how many days it seems like my body goes on auto pilot through the day because of my lack of sleep.

We desperately need a new bed and maybe even some good pillows. How about you? Do you think you could use a good bed or pillows? If so now would be the time to do it. Why you ask? Well Nature’s Sleep is offering a promo code that gives you 50% off of everything in their store. You heard me correctly, 50% off of EVERYTHING in their store.

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Why you should invest your good hardworking money into Nature’s Sleep?Well it’s simple if you cherish your sleep then you should. Nature’s Sleep realizes how important a good night’s sleep is. Outside the fact that sleep promotes good health it also makes everyone in a happier mood. So it’s important for EVERYONE to get a good nights sleep. They know this, so they developed an entire line of products that will cradle your body from head to toe. Causing you to relax and enjoy dreamland! Their products are designed to be washable, anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and allergen resistant. How great is that!!

Here is what Nature’s Sleep has to say:

“Nature’s Sleep’s mission is to provide everybody the opportunity to enjoy a better night’s sleep at affordable prices, while maintaining a concern for our environment.”

“All of our products are designed with the highest concerns for health and hygiene and we are committed to providing comfort that is safe for you and safe for the environment.”

I am stay at home mom of three kids under the age of five. I have a husband who sleeps less the 5 hours a night causing me to sleep less than 5 hours a night. If you think I deserve the chance to review a Nature’s Sleep Mattress, then please head on over to Nature’s Sleep Facebook Page( let them know so!!!



Want to learn more about Nature’s sleep? Here’s how….




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Drool everywhere, anything and everything goes into the mouth, and crying after crying…what does that sound like? Teething time: every parent has been there and dreads it for the next one.

I recently had a chance to review some Chewthers from Tommee Tippee. I love the idea and concepts behind Chewthers. I have to say these are very cute and stylish. Not only are they cute, but very useful as well! Chewther oral trainers are specially designed for self soothing, speech development, progressive feeding and tooth care. As children grow, in order to prepare for adult-like foods and learn to speak, they first explore texture to develop and train the muscles, movement and lip seal needed! They have four different stages: 1:3 months, 2: 4months, 3: 6 months, and 4:9months. All these skills are learned from just chewing on a toy. How cool is that!

I received two different kinds of chewthers. I got one for 4 and 6 months. My daughter loves both of them. The stage 2, dual ended chewther, works great because it is easy and small for her to hold on to. It is used for speech development, and helps with pureed foods. It will also help them develop a lip seal. The stage 3, chewther keys resemble a toy they can safely stick in their mouth. How great is that?! It is used for help with the progressive feeding and help with mushy foods. It encourages jaw and muscle coordination.

I love to scrapbook but just don’t really have the time and patience to do it. Tommee Tippee offers the new application that allows me to make a scrapbook with very little effort. It’s called “The Day Baby Was Born”. The application is free which makes it even better!! It allows you to capture memories of pregnancy and birth through the gathering of Facebook posts, a selection of birthday news and facts and the collection precious memories through a pregnancy journal!

One lucky winner will have a chance to win a chewther! If you know of another mother who would love to have this for their child please feel free to share on facebook, twitter, or google+!

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*Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above free for a review purposes. All opinions are my own

Today was a gloomy day for me.  I did my weekly weigh in and it wasn’t good at all. Not even close. I debated on not doing my weekly post but felt I needed to be honest.  Here is what my evil scale told me today:

Weight: 294 (gained 12pds)

Body Fat: 59.9 (up 11.8)

Hydration: 29.2 (up 3.1)

BMI: 50.1 (up 2)

Calorie Goal: 2576

Weeks to reach goal: 94

As you can see everything was up. I can’t believe I gained 12pounds in 1 week.  We did spend the weekend away, so we eat out a lot. But I honestly thought I was doing okay. Defiantly need to eat out less. This week will be better. I start the 21 day Mommy Blogger Weight loss challenge today.  Want to know more about it? Keep an eye out for future posts.

My goals for this week:

loose 5 pounds

exercise 4 days (3o mins long)

drink  6 glasses of water

What’s your goals for this week? How are you doing?