As promised here is some more information on what BMI is. BMI is short for body max index. It is a calculated number that is used as a screening tool to identify possibilities of a weight problem.

BMI is NOT a diagnostic tool. It is a very small part of figuring out if there is a weight problem. BMI is a popular way to measure body fatness because it’s one of the less expensive way and just about anyone could do it. You don’t even need the “Health O Meter-The Doctor Scale”  to tell you.  All you have to do is take your weight(lb)/[height (in)(squared)] x 703. For example lets say your weight is 150lbs and your height is 5’5″. You take [150 / (65)squared] x 703 and that equals 24.96.

You ask is 24.96 good? A standard weight status for adults (anyone above 20) is:

BMI                     Weight Status 

under 18.5           Underweight

18.5 – 24.9                  Normal

25.0-29.9                Overweight

20.00 – Above          Obese

So the answer is it would be normal, but barely. BMI is a pretty reliable way to give you an insight if there is a weight problem. The formula and chart I told you today is only for adults above 20. There is a whole different way to calculate for children. They consider the sex, weight, and height. 

Want  more information about body max index? Here is a great link…