I live in a town were there are dirt roads everywhere. Only one paved road in town and that’s in the center of the town. 90% of my house is hardwood floors. I catch myself sweeping at least once a day because of all the dirt that comes in on our shoes. Every time I do it I think what a waste of time it is, because I will be just doing it again tomorrow. I never thought there would be an end to the everyday sweeping, but there was a solution. Dr. Doormat was my answer.             You think a doormat couldn’t stop that. Trust me it does and much more.

            Have you ever set down and thought about all the microorganisms that you bring in on your shoes? You bring in: allergens, lead, pesticides, dust mites, mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew into your home. Dr. Doormat helps block and limits these coming in your home. The Dr. Doormat will help you destroy them. Dr. Doormat has proven an 83% reduction in fungus and 70% reduction in bacteria.

          Here is how it works: “The antimicrobial treatment is like a microscopic layer of swords and spikes acting as a barrier upon the surface of the entire doormat. Microbes are negatively charged individual single cell living organisms. The treated surface of Dr. Doormat is positively charged pulling the negatively charged microbe down upon its sword like a magnet, piercing the cell membrane and destroying the invading microorganism on contact. springboard for the microbes and pollutants to contaminate the soles of your shoes and transport all of the pollutants into your home.” (http://drdoormat.com/1-how-it-works)

Who would have thought that all this comes from a doormat? Not me, but I love it! Don’t just take my word about it. Go look for yourself! Bellow is some important links about Dr. Doormat where you can go find out more information about Dr. Doormat.

Site: http://drdoormat.com/1-home

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